Friday, June 24, 2011

Discounted Admission to Historic New England Properties

I love to visit old houses and to support the organizations that protect them.  Admittedly, I like it even better when I can save a little money on admission.

Well, right now (and for the next six days) you can save up to 75% off admission to any one of Historic New England's 36 properties.

The offer is being extended through a program called BuyWithMe which I can only imagine is something similar in concept to Groupon.

From what I understand, if you buy your coupon through this promotion you pay $5 for two admission tickets instead of $20.  You have the next six days to purchase admission tickets through the coupon but you have until October 15, 2011 to actually visit the property of your choice.

You can read the fine details for yourself. Take advantage of this great deal and get out their and see some beautiful houses.  The best thing you can do to ensure the future of the properties is to visit them.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with BuyWithMe (never even heard of them before) or with Historic New England. Though I do strongly support the mission and purpose of Historic New England.

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