Thursday, June 16, 2011

American Heritage Contest offers summer prize package for Old Home owners

Old House Journal online is sponsoring an American Heritage Contest where you can win $800 worth of prizes inlcluding a hammock with a stand, an American Flag kit and a premium gas grill.

In order to win you need to submit an essay on "What 'America' says to you."  The fun thing is you can answer the question in one of two ways - either with a 2-minute video or a written essay. They want to know how your old home embodies the American Spirit.  You can find more details on their website.

This sounds like fun!  Get the kids involved and you'll have a video in no time.  The contest ends July 15, 2011 so don't wait around thinking about it.

Disclosure: I have no connection to Old House Journal. I receive their emails and thought it would be a fun thing to share.

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