Friday, February 4, 2011

Capture History as it Happens

You many think that the history of your house is something that happened in the past. In fact, the history of your old house continues to grow with every passing year and you are becoming a part of it.

Why not try to capture historic moments as they happen? Record them with your digital camera so that you (and future owners) will have a permanent record of the event.

This winter parts of New England have been pounded with record snowfall. Many towns are struggling to find a place to put all the snow. Historic homes are completely surrounded by white fluffy stuff. Many have picturesque yet dangerous icicles hanging from the eaves.

Get outside and photograph the snow just after the storms hit. But be careful! Walkways and driveways can be slippery.

Historic House Photo Project

After capturing the historic snowfall consider taking three more photos of your house this year in the height of spring, summer and fall. Then purchase a four-photo frame and display the seasons of your house proudly on your wall all year long.

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  1. Great post, Marian - It first dawned on me that houses had history when I read the abstract book on my grandparents' home of 50 years. How I wish we had an early photo of it...