Sunday, January 16, 2011

Find Old Photos of Your House on eBay

Looking for old photos of your house?  eBay is a great place to start.  There is an active old photo market with thousands of photos on eBay.

At the turn of the 20th it was popular to find photos of houses on both stereographic photos and "real photo" postcards. You might find your house on either type.

Here is an example of an old stereographic photo on eBay from Medway, Massachusetts. Click on the photo to enlarge it (you can still see the photo even though it says "Ended").  Also, click on the 2nd photo which shows a larger view of the house.  This is the same house as the current photo to the right --->.

Notice how the house has changed.  In the original photo there were shutters on the windows and a fence which are now gone.  Also, the recessed doorway has been covered with an outer door. But otherwise the house looks remarkably similar.

[Please note that eBay auction items are available for a limited time only.  At some point that link above to the old photo will no longer work.]

Searching for Your Own House

To find photos of your house go to the Photographic Images section of eBay.  Then search under the name of your town, state.  Better yet, set up an eBay alert to send you emails whenever a photo from your town is for sale on eBay.  To set up an eBay alert you will have to have an eBay account.

Good luck! I hope you have great success finding old photos of your house!

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