Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CT State Library Adds Architectural Survey for 7 New Towns

The Connecticut State Library announced recently that they have added seven new towns to their online collection of historic homes.  The towns include Lebanon, Ledyard, Lisbon, Litchfield, Lyme, Madison and Manchester, Connecticut.  The information is from the WPA Architectural Surveys done between 1934 and 1937.  You can read the full announcement here.

The collection provides mostly old photographs which will be of great interest to home owners, preservationists and historians.  The building profiles do also contain varying amount of text with architectural and other details.

For instance, the Thomas Hunt House (Lebanon historic building 009) provides quite a bit of exterior, doorway and interior architectural description.  It also notes that the home was built in 1722, remodeled circa 1760 and that the rear ell and porch were added circa 1822.  This is great information for a home owner who might not have found that information before.

Unfortunately, most of the photos are titled numerically by town name (example: Litchfield Historic Building 001).  To get around this be sure to look in the far right hand column for the name of the original owner.  That will provide easier recognition of the house.

Also note where it says Current Owner, it is referring to the owner of the house during the 1935-1937 time frame and not the owner at present.

The Connecticut State Library wants your help!  If you know more information about the historic houses featured on the website, their history, or their address they ask that you email them with the information.  A contact link is provided within each historic house profile.

Photo credit: The Thomas Hunt House, Lebanon, CT, from the Connecticut State Library Collection.

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